Second Sound ScreenshotMy desktop has a cheap pair of USB logitech external speakers. I've just downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, and the speakers no longer work. My sound comes from an Intel chipset on the motherboard, and I am getting sound through audio jack to my monitor speakers, but even with the Ubuntu sound and the monitor sound control at maximum, I can barely hear it. I'm older and getting a bit deaf.

I have tested the sound and I'm not getting line out sound, although the monitor does have a separate attachment through the sound jack. My sound is coming through through the HDMI/Display Port 2--GF119 HDMI Audio Controller.

Screenshot of lsusb

I have set the Ubuntu System Control for sound to more than 100% and have achieved audible sound.

Can I revive the USB Logitech speakers which did work for me on Windows XP, or should I just put them on the shelf?

Screenshot from sound:

enter image description here

  • Can you post a screenshot of the available sound devices in System Settings? – Android Dev May 4 '17 at 15:39
  • How do I do that? I've taken and saved the screenshot and also asked to copy to clipboard, but when the menu for this box doesn't allow paste. Control-V doesn't work either. – vineyridge May 4 '17 at 15:59
  • There's an image button in the menu bar of the editor. – Android Dev May 4 '17 at 16:06
  • And where do I find that menu bar of the editor? I can't seem to find anything in or around the box for posts. – vineyridge May 4 '17 at 16:22

Go to System Settings/Sound, and change the "Play sound through" settings so that the output goes to your Logitech USB speakers.

enter image description here

Update #1:

We needed to...

  • plug in the speaker's USB cable (sigh)
  • change the BIOS to enable legacy USB mode

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