I have two Google Drive accounts connected via Gnome Online Accounts (GOA). I can browse them with nautilus but I have not found how to access them through the command line. Shouldn't they be mounted somewhere even if they are network shares?

My objective is to be able to diff both to see if there are any files missing, as I'm copying files between them. I've tried copying the files directly via nautilus, but it stalls and whenever the window is not greyed out the message is that it will take months.

Thanks for your help


I don't have a direct answer, and insufficient reputation to comment, but What is the difference between gvfs commands and common commands like cat, ls, cp? lists gvfs series commands for such situations.

Having said that, I'm using 16.04 and even gvfs-ls /run/users/xxxx/gvfs/google-drive:host=gmail.com,user=yyyy shows character lists in place of file and directory data.

Nautilus is able to interpret the character lists, but Calibre, OpenOffice and no doubt others cannot.

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