zeitgeist and gnome-activity-journal seem like a good answer to many of my family-tech-support issues. (I can't find the document I just edited!) Installed them on family Lubuntu machines and, in the main, they seem to work well.

However, a leading cause of family-tech-support issues is operations performed in Lubuntu's file manager PCManFM. These actions don't seem to be tracked by zeitgeist and upon looking in zeitgeist-explorer, PCManFM is not listed in the Applications panel.

Is there a way to add PCManFM to the zeitgeist logging? zeitgeist-explorer has a remove button, but not an add one, for applications. Perhaps there is a plugin, but I haven't found it.

Alternatively, since these applications don't seem to be under active development, is there a better option, one that includes PCManFM?

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