So I'm using Ubuntu 16.04, and I'm a new user (just switched from windows, loving it).

However, there seems to be an annoying problem when it comes to fonts on Google Chrome and other websites and extensions on it. I took a couple of screenshots of a Google Doc file on both the Mac and Windows.

Here is an image of the fonts and how they should look like on a Windows or Mac.

On my Chrome on Ubuntu, it looks horrible and half the fonts aren't even there, like Verdana, Comic Sans MS, etc. Roboto, for some reason, shows up as extremely bold on my laptop: This is how it looks like on my Ubuntu laptop.

The bold Roboto is a big problem - many websites, including extensions, have that as the default font, which is extremely annoying and looks horrible (ex. on the Hangouts extension).

This probably happened when I was messing around with the Unity Tweak Tool earlier, and changed a few fonts. I made it bold just to see how it looked like. However, I reset all the fonts, and they look just the same - except for in Google Chrome. The reset didn't seem to do anything.

My main issue here is the missing fonts which default to some random Ubuntu font, and why only some kinds of fonts show up in bold Roboto. (I'm sorry, I couldn't provide screenshots of websites with the horrible bold roboto font for privacy reasons).

Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks!

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