OK I don't know terms in server, ubuntu and everything related them; So I try to explain my problem in detail.

The version of Ubuntu on my server is 14.04.5

I have an account on my VPS server which name is ati, when I log in by ati, I use below command:

ssh ati@167.xxx.xxx.xxx
ati@167.xxx.xxx.xxx's password: 
ati@usa239:~$ cd ..
ati@usa239:/home$ ls
ati  xv
ati@usa239:/home$ cd ..
ati@usa239:/$ ls
aquota.group  boot  home        lib     media  proc  sbin  tmp            var      webmin-setup.out
aquota.user   dev   initrd.img      lib64   mnt    root  srv   usermin-setup.out  vmlinuz
bin       etc   initrd.img.old  lost+found  opt    run   sys   usr            vmlinuz.old

For some reason I need to create a directory and copy some files at it but when I try to make directory I got below error:

ati@usa239:/$ ssh mkdir Tracker
ssh: Could not resolve hostname mkdir: Name or service not known 

I have tried to add permission by below command:

ati@usa239:/$ sudo chmod -R 777 .
[sudo] password for ati: 
chmod: changing permissions of './aquota.group': Operation not permitted

Now I have question, Is It possible to add a directory at this path? How can I do something which helps me?

Many thanks

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    Please 1) don't sudo chmod -R 777 . you will must likely regret it. And don't ssh mkdir Tracker once in it should be mkdir tracker. 2) Now please talk to your VPS admin, quota is set and can't be overwritten by you. – George Udosen May 1 '17 at 22:24
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    I say this with the kindest possible intent. It looks like you're a beginning Linux user, and I'd strongly encourage that you learn more about the basic Linux command line verbs before trying to do what you're doing. Either take a Linux class, or purchase a "Introduction to Linux" book, and study a bit first. You'll save your admin a whole lot of time. – heynnema May 1 '17 at 22:59

Once logged in, make sure you are in your home folder by typing the following command:

cd ~

The "~" is a representation for your home folder.

From here, just type the following command to create a directory.

mkdir tracker

To check if this has been successful, you can type the following command:


This will give you an output of all the folders in your current folder. If you need to check the permissions on them, you can type the following command:

ls -l

which will give you a list of all the folders along with their permissions.

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