Is there any way to make the ubuntu-budgie top panel auto hide ?

I like that desktop environnement a lot, but there is a lot of lost screen space when an application is maximized (an app like chromium).


With the budgie 10.x series there is not a way to autohide the top-panel.

If vertical screen estate is your key issue then I would suggest you checkout budgie-pixel-saver-applet. It is available in the 17.04 backports repository. For non CSD apps - the top-bar in maximized apps like chromium are combined with the top-panel.

enter image description here

Backports can be enabled through the welcome application - it is in the Recommendations part of the app.

  • Search for budgie applet and click on it
  • Go to Budgie Desktop Settings. There you should see a a thing called Panels.
  • Click on Top Dock below "Panels".
  • Then at the top you'll see "Applets" and "settings".
  • Click on settings. This is the top dock settings.

You can now change position, make it hide automatically, etc.

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