Something is causing my desktop to take a long time to load (~15s). I can log in, and it displays my wallpaper, but i cant see my desktop or any menus for reasonably long period of time. How can i find out whats taking so long to load?

Im using 11.10 x64

  • similar if not the same as this Q&A? askubuntu.com/questions/90076/… – fossfreedom Dec 28 '11 at 16:45
  • @fossfreedom That was my thought initially but looking at some bootcharts of my own, I can't see much of the graphical desktop load process reflected in it. I don't think bootchart will help here. – Oli Dec 28 '11 at 16:57

I was going to suggest Bootchart but I feel like it might stop logging at login.

Networking and sshd come up well before the desktop so you might be able to SSH in from another device and run htop (or top if you don't have htop installed) so you can see what is nomming on the CPU.

You've got (over) 15 seconds to inspect things - so that should be enough.

If you don't have another computer/phone you can SSH in from, you might even be able to switch to a TTY (ControlAltF1) and run htop (et al) from there while you desktop loads. It'll be harder to do but should render a similar effect.

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