I'm using Ubuntu 14.04 and pulseaudio is installed.

When I connect to bluetooth A2DP headset, the video playback on YouTube (google-chrome) stops with message:

if playback doesn't begin shortly try restarting your device.

If I remove or disconnect from the bluetooth headset, the video will start playing again immediately.

I added Disable=socket in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf and that solved the problem. I also found some different bluetooth A2DP issues have the same solution, but there is no explanation.

Why does disabling the socket fix this?


Here is an article about bluez I found.

It said that the option Enable=Socket in /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf enables the audio socket API of bluez. The ALSA PCM plugin talks to bluez using this socket interface and it is already deprecated for sometime.

Also it mentioned that bluez cannot handle the d-bus API correctly when the socket interface is enabled.

So this might explain why pulseaudio would not work properly with bluetooth when Disable=socket is removed from /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf.

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