I would like to know where Empathy stores all my information, so as to be able to back it up and re-use on a different Ubuntu machine.

So far I have found only the conversation logs in ~/.local/share/Empathy

Any idea where the rest is (account information, buddies, favorite rooms, etc?)


From the Empathy FAQ:

Where does Empathy save files (accounts, logs, configuration)?

  • Accounts settings are saved in ~/.mission-control/accounts/accounts.cfg (except passwords which are stored in gnome-keyring).
  • New logs (since Empathy 2.31.4) are saved in ~/.local/share/TpLogger/logs
  • Old logs are saved in ~/.local/share/Empathy/logs/
  • Empathy configuration is stored in DConf and ~/.config/Empathy/
  • Avatars are cached in ~/.cache/telepathy/avatars/

Meta-contacts are stored in the file:


I could have sworn they were moved to somewhere in ~/.local, but it looks like accounts are still stored in ~/.mission-control. If you also want your saved passwords for accounts, you'll need to copy your GNOME keyring as well, which is in ~/.gnome2/keyrings.

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