I remember using screen emulators like Hummingbird to remotely display X processes on Windows, by adjusting environment variables like TERM and SCREEN (or so) and substituting things like vt100 and IP addresses of the form nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:0

Is it possible using Ubuntu, OSX, between each other between virtual machines etc?

Right now I want to display system monitor graphically with real time updates on an Ubuntu box with an ssh session into a Mac OSX 10.7.2 workstation. I can get snapshots using ps but I want to monitor the machine live as I am trying to debug responsiveness.

Any ideas?

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The simplest thing is to run

ssh -X user@host gnome-system-monitor

or something similar. The -X option allow to run graphical applications on the local X server.

To show a full session, with menu, panels, and so, is more difficult. You can try VNC protocol, available by default on Ubuntu through the client vinagre, or FreeNX, or XDMCP.

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