I'm trying to configure a WiFi hotspot on my desktop with a BCM43227 WiFi card.

I've tried the hostapd method but I fail with this message :

nl80211: Failed to set channel (freq=2432): -22 (Invalid argument)

Nevertheless, I've succeeded with nmcli.

So my new problem is: How to personalize DHCP (Choose the spool of addresses) and how to personalize DNS (define local area names) by using the nmcli AP creation method.

Can someone help me ? (I take solution with hostapd too ! )

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I bought a wireless card with the Broadcam chip, and as a result, after searching on the net for so long, i found out that broadcam doesn't support hospot or being an AP. Even tho it said that it worked on ur screen, i think when u'll proceed to other stuff, u'll have issues. Thats what I know so if but if ur case is different, someone may help u. And if u found out that ur wireless card doesnt support the hotspot thing, then i recommend u to buy a Tp link wireless card with atheros chip. Thanks for ur attention.

  • Hi,Thanks for your messages. According iwlist the AP mode is supported by the BCM43227 and the AP is well with nmcli. Commented Apr 24, 2017 at 8:46

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