I'm looking to change all my folder icons. This post describes something similar.

However, I want to change the default folder icon. For example, if I create a new directory, I want the folder icon to be a custom one, not the system one. And all folders (other than specific ones such as Documents, Downloads, Pictures etc) to use this custom icon.

I've also seen this post, which seems to be saying what I want, however I don't seem to have the folder.svg file on my machine?

Anyone able to provide some further assistance?

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You can convert your .png folder file to .svg by using this website

you can upload your image, and see the result.

Easily Convert Bitmaps To Vectors

But if you want to download your svg-image, you need to register. (If you register, you get 2 images for free)

If you want to convert more images then use Potrace tool from inkscape

*it can't convert directly from .png to .svg you first need to convert it to .pnm for better explanation see this answer

  • Your theme's Places folder may not be the right location. If you can find "folder.svg" in there that's ok but if you can't, you should open your theme's "index.theme" file with gedit and then check its Inheritences's Places folders. It should be in the folder named "16".
  • When you find "folder.svg" as an original file, not a link, change its name as "folder.svg.backup" and then copy your .svg file to here and name it "folder.svg".
  • Make a link your new "folder.svg", copy and paste it to all other folders in your theme's Places folder. Don't forget to make these links' names "folder.svg"
  • When you log out and come back, your folder icon must be changed.
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    Thanks! I had thought it was something like this, but couldn't find the folder.svg. I eventually tracked it down to be in /usr/share/icons/Humanity/places, which isnt even the icon theme in use... Thanks for your help!
    – devklick
    May 1, 2017 at 21:55

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