I upgraded to Ubuntu 17.04 a few days ago and since then the webcam mic has not worked with Skype - either the old version or the new Skype for Linux Beta. If I open the Pulse Audio Volume Control panel I can see the microphone input is detected but Skype does not recognize it. The headphones do work with Skype. My Webcam is (from lsusb)

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 046d:081b Logitech, Inc. Webcam C310

  • I reran tests with both the HP and my old Dell, using the Webcams C310 and E2500. Here are the results: Dell (32 bit with Lubuntu 17.04): Neither webcam works. Dell with Windows 10: Both webcams work. HP Pavilion (64 bit with Xubuntu 17.04): Neither webcam works in Skype, though the microphone is clearly detecting my voice, as shown on Pulse Audio Volume Control. HP with Windows 10: Both webcams work. – user78290 Apr 24 '17 at 19:15
  • Webcam C310 works with Xubuntu 16.04.2 on my HP. – user78290 Apr 24 '17 at 21:17

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