I know this has been asked before, but bear with me, this one is a little different.

On session login screen (lightdm) there is no password input field to type password into. This only happens when I'm in single screen mode, when my laptop is connected to a dock with 2 other monitors attached I get a password input field. When I type my password it is being accepted and I can log in although I can't see that I'm actually typing a password. Fingerprint-based auth also works.

lightdm greeter after boot

Picking another user, like Guest works and I'm being presented a password input prompt:

Guest user picked

Going back in the user picker from Guest to my own user seems to break something, the rendering is broken even more and I can't log in any more, not even with fingerprint auth:

Own user selected again

Switching LightDM from unity-greeter to lightdm-gtk-greeter works fine and I get the password input field but it looks ugly and I would like to keep using unity-greeter if I can. This is kind of a cosmetic problem, I can still use my system. This is also a non-issue for the Gnome3 session because Gnome3 seems to use a different lock screen when going to sleep and presents me a different greeter when it wakes up.


  • Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 (with gnome3-staging PPA)
  • Nvidia driver 378.13 (same problem with 375.39 and 381.09)

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