I've written a shell script, called keepAbcdRunning, whose job it is to check whether command / process 'abcd' is running and if it isn't, to start it.

keepAbcdRunning has the form:

if pgrep -x $1 > /dev/null
then echo "$1 is running"
else echo "calling $2"
exit 0

As I've written it, keepAbcdRunning needs two input arguments, $1 is the command / process name to check and $2 is the command needed to start abcd.

abcd itself is a script which executes an application that takes a Json formatted string as input. If I wanted to call abcd directly from a terminal, I'd call:

./abcd.sh '{\"type\":\"path\",\"key\":[]}'

However, I seem to be unable to pass the character sequence in such a way that abcd.sh is called correctly from within keepAbcdRunning....

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    ./abcd.sh '{\"type\":\"path\",\"key\":[]}`` why?!?!? Use ./abcd.sh -key=value -key=value` or even ./abcd.sh type=value&key=value&path=value – Rinzwind Apr 20 '17 at 11:21
  • Did you ever run echo $1 within your script to see what $1 is actually assigned? – Thomas Apr 20 '17 at 11:40
  • @Thomas - yep, and I tried tons of combinations (for $2), but think finally it's cracked.... – indexfingers Apr 20 '17 at 12:41
  • Why are you escaping the double quotes. Also, what @Rinzwind said: It'll be much, much better to just have the standard --option=value form. See: Best way to parse command line args in Bash (StackOverflow) – UniversallyUniqueID Apr 20 '17 at 16:58
  • I must confess that as a complete beginner, @Rinzwind's comment went straight over my head... to further show my naivety, ultimately, the whole thing calls a matlab executable which, at least presently, can't parse arguments of the form --option=value. Would the idea be to pass the arguments in this form to Bash (keepAbcdRunning.sh) and then have that reformat them into json, ready to be passed to matlab (abcd)? – indexfingers Apr 20 '17 at 17:24

This does it I think: "./abcd.sh '{\\\"type\\\":\\\"path\\\"\,\\\"key\\\":[]}'"

Basically needed

\\ -> \

\" -> "

\, -> ,

Finally, whole thing needed to be in double quotes so I could have single quotes in the sequence.... https://stackoverflow.com/questions/35063332/insert-single-quote-with-sed

Edit: This was my first time doing pretty much anything with scripting / linux / unix / ubuntu so take my advice with a pinch of salt, but I subsequently found that writing the json string to a file and then passing reference to that file to be so much simpler than trying to pass the string itself

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