We want to implement an LDAP authentication on our Landscape server. The landscape documentation says, that its possible but we didn't find any solution.


LDAP functionality can only be enabled during the Landscape server install process and not at a later stage. Below are instructions on how to complete that with current latest Ubuntu LTS 16.04 and landscape server version 17.03.

  1. Lets tart by Installing Pluggable Authentication Module for LDAP.

    sudo apt install libpam-ldap
  2. We need to modify /etc/ldap.conf accordingly to your needs/setup/requirements.

    vim /etc/ldap.conf

    and add following config, changing whats needed

    base OU=XX,DC=XX,DC=XX
    uri ldap://ip.of.ldap.server
    ldap_version 3
    # we need an authenticated user to search the directory 
    binddn CN=<your user>,OU=XX,DC=XX,DC=XX
    bindpw <above password>
    scope one
    pam_filter objectclass=person
    pam_login_attribute userPrincipalName
    pam_password ad
    ssl off
  3. In order to activate the pam plugin, create /etc/pam.d/landscape file with below lines:

    vim /etc/pam.d/landscape

    and paste

    auth    required pam_ldap.so
    account required pam_ldap.so
  4. Navigate over to the root URL for your Landscape installation and create your administrator. You will notice that an Identity field will appear. This will match the pam_login_attribute specified in your ldap.conf.

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