While executing command in terminal

update project --path . --target android-25

I am getting error

Invalid or unsupported command "update project --path . --target android-25
Supported commands are:
android list target
android list avd
android list device
android create avd
android move avd
android delete avd
android list sdk
android update sdk

I have already set down environment variables using

export JAVA_HOME=<path_to_jdk>
export ANDROID_HOME=<path_to_sdk>
export PATH=$PATH:<path_to_tools>:<path_to_platform_tools>:<path_to_ndk>

One Strange thing was when I had set down this variables via command, the change doesn't reflected in /etc/environment when opened using gedit /etc/environment

Thanks In Advance.


I was getting error unsupported command "update project" because I was using sdk with tools version 26.0.1. As this command is deprecated now so it is already removed from tools version 25.3.0

I found this in documentation


So, if still want to fire this command then you have you downgrade your sdk tools to version 25.2.5 or less.

For that rename your sdk/tools folder to tool1 or else to keep it as a backup and download required sdk tools and paste that [tools] folder inside sdk folder. I have followed this link to download sdk tools or platform-tools :


In the same way you can also upgrade your tools or platform-tools. But if you are using android-studio then I recommend to update them from SDK Manager.

One last thing, to update project using "update project" command you need to set environment variables like this:


This solved my problem.

  • Can verify that after hours of looking Google has gave no work around other then using a pre v25.3 version. Other option is rebuild it all using Gradle like they want people now to do – FrickeFresh Aug 23 '17 at 22:10

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