I switched from Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS to Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 two weeks ago, and it was working fine. But for some reason, if I upgrade to 17.04, it gets stuck on the login screen. That is, after I click my user account and enter my password, it gets stuck on the grey screen. The mouse pointer doesn't move. And, I can't start a tty. But, I can lock the account by pressing Ctrl + Alt + F1. But when I try unlocking it by entering my password, same problem again. This only happens on 17.04 for me. 16.10 works fine.

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    Almost exactly the same problem here, and no answers found. Difference is that I installed Ubuntu GNOME 17.04 dual boot with Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. 16.04 still runs fine, in fact the 17.04 GNOME Live CD ran fine until install. Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz × 2 ... graphics = Gallium 0.4 on NV42 ... Dell XPS5
    – Dennis J
    Apr 23, 2017 at 22:11
  • Same but Unity, can't even start logging in, happens only with 4.10 kernel. Using 4.8 for now.
    – Suor
    Apr 27, 2017 at 15:31
  • my keyboard is not working as well any suggestion ? Apr 29, 2018 at 12:37

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I got the same problem with ubuntu 17.04 on a fresh install. The issue was the graphical part (nvidia/intel on board), so on the login I :

  • Switch to a terminal with Ctrl+Alt+F1
  • Install nvidia driver and nvidia prime

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa
    sudo apt-get update
    ubuntu-drivers devices
    sudo apt-get install nvidia-(number) nvidia-prime

  • Switch from nvidia to intel in a terminal

    sudo prime-select intel
    sudo prime-select nvidia

When using nvidia, it was ok!


I had the same issue today. I wasn't even able to use CTRL + ALT + F1/F3 to use a terminal only. So after many restarts I tricked it login to recovery mode from which I did yet another release upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10. 17.10 does not have issue like this one and the GUI is smoooth as a butter!

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