Yes it's another one of those threads. There's so many of them but all quite outdated so I didnt want to screw up my machine by trying any grub based solution.

Basically, I just clean installed Ubuntu 16, and I can't shut down the laptop. Initially it was logging out instead of shutting down, so I did the logout fix.

Now, when I press shutdown, it goes into a black screen with a terminal like "_" at the top left corner, and it's frozen. I have to hard reset to shut it down.

Same goes if I close the lid, or press restart. sudo shutdown isnt working either.

Seen the below few threads, none of them really help.

Ubuntu 16.04 hangs on shutdown/restart <-- Interested in the second solution but I cant seem to locate and install just that update hes talking about?

Ubuntu 16.04 Black Screen when waking from suspend

Ubuntu 16.04 Black Screen After Suspend

Would appreciate any help. Thank you!

Specs: Core i7 7700HQ Nvidia 1060GTX (Currently disabled - running on intel graphics)


Tried Ubuntu 14.04 stuck on shutdown as well but still nothing is working. Really no help guys?


I noticed NVIDIA PERSISTANCE DAEMON kept failing to load. If i do

sudo prime-select nvidia to switch to nvidia driver, I am able to shutdown / reboot via GUI. Command line still does not work.

Using intel graphics do not work though. Is there a solution?

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