I just finished running 'Disk Usage Analyzer' on my root partition, /dev/sda3 with a total of 122.5G.

The Analyzer reports that only 26.8GB of space has been used but my root partition is showing 68.7GB available instead of 95.7GB.

I have ran fsck, but nothing changes. I also read somewhere about shadow copies but I am not sure.

On running the: df -h command on terminal, I get:

/dev/sda3 --> Total: 115G   Used: 51G   Available: 59G  Use %: 47%

On using Disk Utility:

File system Partition: 125GB ext4, Free: 69GB | 45% full

On Nautilus, it shows a Total: 122.5GB, 53.7GB used, 62.5GB free

Also, every time I boot, it checks for file system errors and cleans it.

Please, can someone explain the cause of this discrepancy and how to correct it.


I just resolved this problem by deleting some backup rescued files in the .Trash-0 hidden folder on the root partition.

Now it reads on Disk Usage Analyzer 95.9 GB Available with a Total of 122.5GB

26.6GB used, 89.6GB free on nautilus

and on running the: df -h command on terminal, I get:

/dev/sda3 --> Total: 115G Used: 25G Available: 84G Use %: 23%

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