Google Earth x86 64 bit Architecture Installation Troubleshoot

depends on lsb-core (>= 3.2)

If you had these issues

Package lsb-core is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

after running this

sudo apt-get install lsb-core
[sudo] password for 
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done

E: Package 'lsb-core' has no installation candidate

Or this

The following packages have unmet dependencies:
 lsb-core : Depends: alien (>= 8.36) but it is not going to be installed

And have tried these resources to no avail.

I have a solution below that worked for me and I hope it works for you.

  • I removed the reference to Linux Mint (which is normally off topic here) because I believe that the issue would be identical in Ubuntu. Apr 17 '17 at 21:27
  • @DavidFoerster Thanks David. Only reason, I brought that up was this `Now that Mint 18 has been released, the first thing I noticed was that Google Earth is not available in the repositories and requires a manual download and install' - [(apipeandakeyboard.com/2016/07/03/… Apr 17 '17 at 21:30
  • Could you please edit your question to clarify how exactly you tried to install Google Earth as well as the full, verbatim output of all commands that led to warning or error messages? I know you answered your own question but it would be more useful if future readers could retrace and compare the original issue. I also believe that I can come up with a simpler, less convoluted answer if I knew more about the original situation. Thanks. Apr 17 '17 at 21:32
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    I can confirm this problem does happen on Ubuntu, and not just Mint.
    – Kaz Wolfe
    Apr 17 '17 at 21:50
  • @DavidFoerster I unfortunately, do not have all of the code that I entered because I killed the terminal after posting here, but was able to go back and grab some links that I used. Someone who has this issue, hopefully will see this, and hopefully it helps them. Apr 17 '17 at 21:50


  • Make sure you do not have any version of Google Earth on your system

    sudo apt-get purge google-earth-stable

  • Have aptitude installed

    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install aptitude

Download the latest version of Google Earth
Select .64 bit deb file and Hit Agree and Download

Select .64 bit deb file

  • Run

    sudo aptitude -f install lsb-core

Downgrade your system by hitting 'n', then 'y', 'y

  • see further down for exact details of specific output

Then run sudo dpkg -i "NAMEOFYOURDEB.deb"

To install all necessary packages for it. It will tell you if you need to install something else.

Finally finish installing it by running

sudo gdebi "name_of_your_current_release".deb 

"only use sudo if not root"


Assumptions of what I had installed on my machine and am assuming you have on yours:

  • I had aptitude installed.
  • I did not google-earth on my system. It was completely removed.
  • I downloaded a current stable .deb file on my system

Only Run Commands Below this Line After Reading Below

  • I then ran sudo dpkg -i google-earth-pro-stable_current_amd64.deb which satisfies all the package dependencies for it.

  • I then ran

    sudo gdebi "name_of_your_current_release".deb

You should see Google Earth in Menu Bar when you search "google earth"


These are the Steps to follow for downgrading.

  1. I downgraded my system because in order to run google earth they require you to have lib-core and that apparently is not supported anymore so run sudo aptitude -f install lsb-core

  2. Then you would enter No, when first asked and then you would enter Yes.

    • The reason why, you would enter no first is because if you respond 'no', it would simply not change anything and you will still get the 'lsb-core' error

The following NEW packages will be installed: alien{a} at{a} lib32z1{a} librpmbuild3{a} librpmsign1{a} lsb-core pax{a} rpm{ab} 0 packages upgraded, 8 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded. Need to get 493 kB of archives. After unpacking 1,611 kB will be used. The following packages have unmet dependencies: rpm : Depends: rpm-common (= 4.10.1-2.1ubuntu1) but is installed. The following actions will resolve these dependencies:

 Keep the following packages at their current version:
 1)alien [Not Installed] 
 2)lsb-core[Not Installed]
 3) rpm [Not Installed]

Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] n

The following actions will resolve these dependencies:

 Downgrade the following packages:                                         1)     rpm-common [ (now) -> 4.10.1-2.1ubuntu1

(raring)] 2) rpm2cpio [ (now) -> 4.10.1-2.1ubuntu1 (raring)]

Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?] y

The following packages will be DOWNGRADED: rpm-common rpm2cpio The following NEW packages will be installed: alien{a} at{a} lib32z1{a} librpmbuild3{a} librpmsign1{a} lsb-core pax{a} rpm{a} 0 packages upgraded, 8 newly installed, 2 downgraded, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded. Need to get 523 kB of archives. After unpacking 1,696 kB will be used.

Do you want to continue? [Y/n/?] y

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    Even though this worked for you the issue was likely unrelated to Google Earth and more related to some other package(s) blocking the installation of lsb-core. My guess it that aptitude install -f lsb-core suggested a solution that somehow didn't involve the removal of ubuntu-desktop & Co. Unfortunately it's hard to tell in retrospective. Apr 17 '17 at 23:39

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