I am having trouble installing the free version of LogicalDoc, using the instructions in the text file and on their wiki. I've downloaded the .zip, but unzipping it is proving problematic. The unzip command returns an error:

$ unzip logicaldoc-community-installer-7.6.4.zip unzip: cannot find or open logicaldoc-community-installer-7.6.4.zip, logicaldoc-community-installer-7.6.4.zip.zip or logicaldoc-community-installer-7.6.4.zip.ZIP.

I also tried unzipping it w/o using the terminal, but then the next instruction (Execute the command /Library/tomcat/bin/catalina.sh start to run LogicalDOC + Tomcat application server.) doesn't work either because no directory has been created. Also, following the .txt instructions doesn't work:

$ sudo java -jar logicaldoc-installer.jar [sudo] password for jen: Error: Unable to access jarfile logicaldoc-installer.jar

  • Usually, these kinds of errors are a result of not navigating to the directory that contains the zipfile first (e.g. cd ~/Downloads or wherever you downloaded logicaldoc-community-installer-7.6.4.zip to) – steeldriver Apr 17 '17 at 17:05
  • @steeldriver I tried doing that, but I get the same error. And when I double-click the .deb, nothing happens. I get the timer spinner on my mouse, but otherwise, nothing. – Keiva Apr 21 '17 at 18:47

I suggest you to try with version 7.7.1 of LogicalDOC Community https://sourceforge.net/projects/logicaldoc/files/distribution/LogicalDOC%20CE%207.7/logicaldoc-community-installer-7.7.1.zip/download

  1. get the zip with the installer
  2. uncompress it
  3. open a command shell and cd to that directory
  4. launch the command: sudo su
  5. launch the command: java -jar logicaldoc-installer.jar
  6. proceed with the installation steps

Note: you need an Ubuntu with a Desktop (GUI), because that is a graphical installer. If you doesn't have one, add the parameter -console to the command

java -jar logicaldoc-installer.jar -console

See also the installation of LogicalDOC Enterprise on Ubuntu https://youtu.be/Al2Pi5e1wi0

Or else https://www.unixmen.com/setup-logicaldoc-ubuntu-15-04/

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