I like the apt progress bar in Ubuntu 16.04. Can I use this in my own bash scripts?

This question is about reusing the code in the apt progress bar, not implementing something similar. I know how to create other progress bars.

This is the progress bar I'm talking about: How do I enable fancy apt colours and progress bars?


Check the source code for progress_bar in the below git repository


Also try the custom bash script package:

Install deb file from above repository

Functionality overview

(1)Open Apps ----Firefox ----Calculator ----Settings

(2)Manage Files ----Search ----Navigate ----Quick access

            |----Select File(s)
            |----Inverse Selection
            |----Make directory
            |----Make file
                                          |----Send to Device

(3)Manage Phone ----Move/Copy from phone ----Move/Copy to phone ----Sync folders

(4)Manage USB ----Move/Copy from USB ----Move/Copy to USB

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