i recently installed Ubuntu 17.04. Iam new to Ubuntu, used Windows before. I tried to make my mouse act like it did in Windows. Unfortunately even the fastest setting of mousespeed was too slow for me, so i found this tip: "Upgraded" 16.04 to 17.04 Now unable to change mouse speed (all other solutions i could find did also not help) it did not help in making the mouse speed faster, but after rebooting Ubuntu i am now left without mouse and keyboard. Both are disabled. Both are generic USB devices. I suppose if i reinstall the package "xserver-xorg-input-libinput" iam fine. However, i tried booting into recovery mode and installing the package which fails. In recovery mode menu, when i select "network" to enable network to download and install the package, it fails with some messages:

grep: /etc/resolv.conf: File or Folder not found

Trying to start NetworkManager ...

Unknown Group "power" in message bus configuration file

grep: /etc/resolv.conf: File or Folder not found

Methods from here i could find about how to enable internet in recovery console, also failed. Now iam looking for a way to install the package from the ubuntu install DVD. Looking forward to your advice. Stefan


Although this is not a solution to my question about how to add packages from install-dvd, i found a solution about how to enable networking in recovery mode: get into root consle, enter the following lines:

mount -o remount,rw /

dhclient enp3s0

echo "nameserver" | sudo tee /etc/resolv.conf > /dev/null

if you cant find out your ethernet interface's name(enp3s0 above), try iwconfig (ifconfig is not installed by default) After these steps i was able to reinstall the package i deleted, using apt-get install. Mouse and Keyboard are working again :)


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Find the package on your DVD (or online), and then use:

sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb

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