My current version of Kdenlive is 15.12.3, when I tried to do the rotoscoping effect it did not work, so I searched and found an answer, that the rotoscoping effect is disabled until further.

So, I decided to keep the version, which I have but to install another version additionally.

However, when I type:

apt-get install kdenlive

I have no possibility to choose a version and apt-get reminds me of the version I have.

So, I do not if the answer is for each program different or can be applied univerally.

Is it possible to have two different versions of the same program?


Yes, it is possible, however you will have to install it manually through a source tarball or git clone. It will not be possible to simply input sudo apt install kdenlive and download an alternative version, because only one version is available at a time in the repos (for good reason; look up slapt-get for Slackware).


A simple way would be getting the cross-platform AppImage, Kdenlive offers one.

Go to https://kdenlive.org/download/

And get the latest version as an Appimage, download it and mark it executable with

chmod +x Kdenlive-*.AppImage

Then you can run it from that, as in


AppImages do not install (it's bundled with all dependencies needed), so you can use it from that without conflicting with your installed version of Kdenlive.

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