I have just installed the final 17.04 Release. Having problems with the Unity Launcher (not Dash, don't use that), compared to what has always worked in 16.04 & 14.04.

[To create a shortcut on Launcher I always run the program first from the shell, then when it's running I right-click its icon in Launcher and Lock to Launcher: if that is not the right way to do things let me know.]

Having locked mysql_workbench, when I click icon to launch it does its "flashing" for a few seconds but nothing happens, the application window does not appear?

Possibly relevant: I see that in 16.04 this had created ~/.local/share/applications/mysql-workbench-bin.desktop. In 17.04 it has created ~/.local/share/applications/_usr_lib_mysql-workbench_mysql-workbench-bin.desktop, which looks a bit ugly?


Following a suggestion in another post, I found the Unity Dash. There I get 3 matching icons for mysql_workbench. All I know is I clicked one, and am now able to Lock either from there or from running mysql_workbench from a terminal and it works OK again.

I'm sure the multiple icons are symptomatic of something unhelpful.

I have deleted all ~/.local/share/applications/*mysql-workbench-bin.desktop files. I no longer get multiple matches from Dash, and the one I do get works fine again. So I guess that was connected to the problem.

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