I am computing the percentages of every item in a column of a file using the following awk command:

awk '{a[NR]=$2;x+=(b[NR]=$2);c[NR]=$1}END{while(++i<=NR)print c[i]"\t"a[i]"\t"100*b[i]/x"%"}' file.txt > out_file.txt


N    38668442   
V    14008521   
ADJ  16112215   


N    38668442   56,213%
V    14008521   20,3644%
ADJ  16112215   23,4226%

However, I would like the percentages in the out_file.txt to be rounded to 2 decimals.

desired out_file.txt

N    38668442   56,21%
V    14008521   20,37%
ADJ  16112215   23,42%

Referring to this post: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18696096/awk-calculate-sum-of-2nd-column-and-percentage-wrt-sum-and-print

I tried to integrate printf "%s,%d,%0.2f%\n into my code which raises an argument error even by decreasing the arguments and limit the expression to %0.2f%\n.

 awk '{a[NR]=$2;x+=(b[NR]=$2);c[NR]=$1}END{while(++i<=NR)printf "%s,%d,%0.2f%\n",c[i]"\t"a[i]"\t"100*b[i]/x"%"}' file.txt > out_file.txt

Also bc did not work out. Why does it not produce the desired output? In my opinion, it should work as I found the expression printf "%0.2f\n" in several posts concerning the same issue. Do I miss something trivial?

I greatly appreciate any help or suggestions!


You are misunderstanding the syntax of the printf command (which closely follows that of the underlying C function: see for example man 3 printf for full documentation).

printf takes a format string consisting of a sequence of format specifiers and other literal characters, followed by as many comma-separated arguments as necessary to fill the given format. In your command

printf "%s,%d,%0.2f%\n",c[i]"\t"a[i]"\t"100*b[i]/x"%"

you are telling it to expect 3 values (a %s, a %d, and a %0.2f) but are giving it a single, concatenated, string argument c[i]"\t"a[i]"\t"100*b[i]/x"%". Hence it will run out of arguments during the assignment.

What you presumably intended is

printf "%s\t%d\t%0.2f%%\n", c[i], a[i], 100*b[i]/x

(the tabs go inside the format string; the %% corresponds to a literal % i.e. prevents % from being interpreted as the start of another format specifier).

  • thank you so much for your explanation and your help! It all makes sense now and I understand it finally! Also, the solution is great and works perfectly as always! I really appreciate your effort! Thank you so much! – dani_anyman Apr 14 '17 at 16:21

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