I have recently install Lubuntu on a win7 PC using virtual box. The problem I am facing now is the basic font of any application is very small for example : Firefox screen shot

Libre office screen shot

As you can see the basic font is too small (see in the screen shots) My screen resolution is : 1920x1080, changing it do not resolved the issue.

How do I resolve this issue


How do you switch to Noveau from Nvidia you ask? Just open up synaptic from a terminal with sudo synaptic and look up noveau. Mark it for installation. Once you do it should replace your graphics driver on reboot. I don't use LXDE but there should be a font settings menu for it where you can change the font size system wide.

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  • the font setting only allows changing font size of title bar, menu bar and icons not the basic font size – user3769778 Apr 11 '17 at 17:35

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