I am using netbeans for my php project

While creating the new project I tried to create it as a "Remote project" with these settings

  • Sources Folder: /var/www/html/myproject

  • Project URL: http://ip-of-the-remote-server

  • Remote connection: FTP details of vsftpd I created in remote server (Test connection successful)

  • Upload directory: /

Upon clicking next the 1st problem occurred:

It's listing all folders behind var like bin, etc, var...

Since it has check boxes I thought ok let's uncheck others, and then the second problem occurred:

When I check myproject folder alone it automatically checks var, www, and html

Now if proceed the local folder is been setup like

var > www > html > myproject > var > www > html > myproject

I checked the home directory of the ftpuser I created in vsftpd:

$ grep ftpuser /etc/passwd
ftpuser:x:1008:1009:PHP Server,,,:/var/www/html/myproject/:/bin/bash

So it seems that the home directory is wright only as /var/www/html/myproject

Then why does it show the folders and files above it?


Instead of

Upload directory: /

try using

Upload directory: /var/www/html/myproject
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