In Nautilus I clicked "View items as a list" because I prefer how it shows the files.

Question: How to create a new folder when there are more files than fit in the window?

Anywhere I click there is something under, that takes the context menu and does not propose folder creation:

enter image description here


The File menu still has the "New Folder" entry, and you can also use the keyboard shortcut CtrlShiftN.

If you're using GNOME Shell, the hamburger menu (the three bars on the top right) has the relevant entry:

enter image description here


See the "file" in the top bar. It has an option for adding a folder and it also lists the shortcuts too:

  • CtrlShiftN for adding a folder
  • CtrlT for adding a file.

Alternatives ...

  • make the window larger so there is an empty line
  • filter content so there are less items in the current window
  • switch to another view

... and rightclick will have the option to add a folder.

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