Recently, Whenever I try to connect to the wifi, I click on the network and I get a warning saying "connection activation failed: connection could not be found". I even reinstalled Ubuntu and i still get this warning.

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To try and check where your wifi issues may be, troubleshooting using these commands in a terminal (Ctrl + Alt + T) can be handy:

  • Check status of connectivity: nmcli networking connectivity
  • Check that wifi is properly activated: nmcli radio wifi off ; nmcli radio wifi on
  • See wifi access-points: nmcli device wifi rescan ; nmcli device wifi list
  • Try to connect to wifi: nmcli device wifi connect "$WIFI_AP" password "$WIFI_PW"

Each of these should give you a hint as to why they fail , if they do.

Further information can be found in man nmcli

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