I want to make another ext4 partition for my files in ubuntu but because I have both widowns and ubuntu installed when I format the specific drive , in windows it turns out that my hard is converted to a dynamic disk and I cant' access that drive in windows.how to make ext4 partition without that happening ?any help would be appreciated.


If you would like a gui tool I would recommend you use gparted

This is a great tool to easily manage all you partitions. You can resize, format, delete, etc.

To install type this into the command line

sudo apt-get install gparted

To run type this

sudo gparted

Now you would probably need to shrink your NTFS partition (the one with Windows)

Right-click on it and select resize or move.

enter image description here

Now drag the slider to make space for your new EXT4 partition

enter image description here

Click the resize or move at the bottom to apply changes.

Now right click on the empty space and select new

enter image description here

Now choose EXT4 as the partition and click add

enter image description here

Finally after you have properly formatted your drive with all of its partitions, click the green tick at the top to apply changes. enter image description here

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