I am following the guidelines to implement the RABBITMQ MANAGEMENT PLUGIN on a remote server.

I launched rabbitmq-plugins enable rabbitmq_management. It worked and now when I launchrabbitmq-plugins list, it shows in the list:

[E ] rabbitmq_management 3.5.7

But if I try to access the server with my local brower with [IP ADDRESS]:15672. The request goes in timeout. Also it seems that I do what is explain in the documentation:

The Web UI is located at: http://server-name:15672/

In the doc it doesn't specify to set a conf in /etc/apache2/site-available/ and I would not know which path to assign to the "DocumentRoot", but I thought apache2 should be listening to port 15672 for that to work, so I edited: /etc/apache2/port.conf and added: Listen 15672 below the Listen 80 lign. It seems to have created a conflict so I removed the lign Listen 15672 from /etc/apache2/port.conf.

I did: service apache2 reload, service apache2 restart, service rabbitmq-server restart

If I launch a sudo lsof -i -n -P, to list the Application Name, PID, User, IP version, Device ID and the Node with Port Name, it seems good:

beam 13649 rabbitmq 18u IPv6 3280502 0t0 TCP *:5672 (LISTEN)
beam 13649 rabbitmq 19u IPv4 3280505 0t0 TCP *:15672 (LISTEN)

Do you have any recommendation?

SOME UDPATES: I realised I could access it using the [ DNS name ]:15672 on some of my machine (not all of them, even after cache clean of the browser on the machine that goes in timeout), also that [ DNS name ] should be, according to what I want, only accessible from the PORT 80 (see this question).


I found why:

The local WIFI network does not seems to have 15672 PORT opened for outgoing request.

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