I am having an interesting issue. I upgraded my graphics cards and now the NVidia driver does not recognize it. As a result, when I attempt to boot into Ubuntu, I get spammed with an error stating that the driver has not recognized my card and then I get a black screen.

I have tried the follow:

  1. set nvidia.modeset=0 in GRUB options
  2. use nomodeset (following instructions here: Ubuntu 16.04 + Nvidia Driver = Blank screen)
  3. Boot into recovery mode and try "failsafe" graphics. This led to my BIOS screaming a loud beeping at me.
  4. Use the root command prompt from recovery mode. This doesn't work since when I mount the drive (so I have write access so I can modify files) it loads the driver and I get spammed with the error.

Any ideas? At this point I am about to call it quits and just re-install 16.04 from scratch.

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    What's with the downvotes? Troubleshooting issues w/ nvidia and grub are lamentably common. – labyrinth Sep 22 '17 at 17:14

I got it to work!

Here's what I did:

  1. Booted into recovery mode with root cmd prompt.
  2. Mounted the drive with "mount --options remount,rw /"
  3. Purged the drivers with "sudo apt-get purge nvidia-*"
  4. At this point I was able to boot into Ubuntu, went to "Additional Drivers" and selected the latest available Nvidia driver.
  5. Even after install, the driver wasn't see my card. I had to go to tty1 (CTRL+ALT+F1) and run "sudo service lightdm restart". My screen flickered a few times and then came back up in my monitor's native resolution.

Hope this helps others who are stuck.

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