I run Ubuntu 16.04 LTS with default Unity window manager and I started getting this popup error right after I login (only when starting up the computer after shutdown; I do not get the error if I suspend and login again). I cannot access the Ctrl+Alt+F[1..12] tty's: I only get a black screen and no login/text See the popup here:

Error found when loading /etc/profile:

sudo: no tty present and no askpass program specified

As a result the session will not be configured correctly.
You should fix the problem as soon as feasible.

error popup

I tried all the possible solutions I could: I reset my /etc/profile to default (from "Getting error while starting ubuntu 14.04"), I added nomodeset to GRUB, etc, but nothing helps. I also found that I do not have a file ~/.profile if that makes any difference.


Best suggestion I have is to boot from the Live CD/USB, mount the filesystem and then edit /etc/profile.

You may also be able to add init=/bin/sh (same place you would have put nomodeset) and then run "mount -n -o remount,rw /" to get the root filesystem writable. Fix /etc/profile and then reboot.

At a guess, most likely you have a command in /etc/profile that is trying to call out to sudo. You can potentially just comment that out.

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