Im using clean install of Kubuntu 16.04 for 2 days, but today after login screen (SDDM) I got black screen, I can only use TTY. So everything looks like normal till login screen, after I click login my monitor turns black and I can only use TTY. I didn't install any drivers.

I tried:

  • nomodeset

  • deleting .config and .cache folders

  • run sudo startx from TTY and I got an error: timeout in locking authority file /home/tomsk/.Xauthority and after that black screen shows in that current TTY (so I lost a terminal)

But none of that helped.

I tried to login with iGPU and GPU (NVIDIA) too but with no results.


Solved it by deleting .Xauthority files in home directory.

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    Thanks, I tried everything possible but this solved the issue – Pavle Gartner Jan 16 at 13:06

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