I upgraded to 14.04. I was very content with 12.04, never had a problem.

Once I upgraded, at first I wasn't able to access my network on my Windows laptops. I finally created a new samba user, while before I could just use my system login. I can access my network now, but certain files deny me permission. I gave samba users full access; I have tried to change permissions in nautilus, but they will not change. I have chmod ug+rxw file name. This is my external drive, but I have even copied over to another directory on my internal drive just to see, and I still get permission denied from my laptops.


You need to check and edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf

I think you'll find useful reading THIS

pay particular attention to the explanations about: security = user map to guest = Bad User


force user = [username] force group = [group]

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