I've followed steps in other posts on how to correctly install and remove nvidia drivers. However, I've encountered issues trying to do this.

I used to have a GTX 1070 (ASUS) which worked okay on the nvidia-378 drivers available through ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa. However, after reinstalling these drivers from nothing, they don't work for my 1060. I have done the following:

  • ppa-purged the graphics drivers repo using the ppa-purge package and readded it using sudo add-apt-repository
  • purged the nvidia drivers and reinstalled using sudo apt remove --purge nvidia-*, sudo apt install nvidia-375
  • reinstalled ubuntu desktop using sudo apt install --reinstall

None of these came through with any errors, but despite all this i still boot to a low resolution message saying that my input devices or displays are wrongly configured. I can't boot to desktop at all but I can load the tty.

With help, I've managed to diagnose further. http://termbin.com/pnrf (I'll add the actual output to the question when i reboot my machine) shows the output of running sudo dmesg | tail -n 50

Trying to restart LightDM after loading the module does nothing to help the matter. The Xorg.0.log file is here: http://termbin.com/7wse


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I found a fix with a lot of help from @DavidFoerster. Disabled Intel graphics in the BIOS and it seems back to normal. Not sure how long this'll work for or what performance will be like..

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