I need to access a local windows HTTP server by hostname because its ip isn't static. I already tried winbind, but it doesn't work as expect. I can ping the server by ping <hostname> but not by ping http://<hostname>. Please help me.


From the manual page of ping:

ping [ -LRUbdfnqrvVaAB] [ -c count] [ -i interval] [ -l preload] [ -p pattern] [ -s packetsize] [ -t ttl] [ -w deadline] [ -F flowlabel] [ -I interface] [ -M hint] [ -Q tos] [ -S sndbuf] [ -T timestamp option] [ -W timeout] [ hop ...] destination

Hrmpf... I was going to tell you that the manual shows that destination should be an IP address or a hostname and not a Fully Qualified Domain Name With Protocol (FQDNWP), but it doesn't...

Therefore: Nope, you can't do that, but you could:

telnet hostname.domain.com 80

which would connect you to port 80 (http) of the FQDN

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