This is my first post after having run Lubuntu for about a year, so please forgive any noob errors.

I am running Lubuntu 16.10 but my machine won't read or format any 3.5" floppy disks. I know that the drive and disks are fine, because I can run Windows XP on this same machine by connecting a different hard disk, and they work fine under Windows XP.

The "Disks" utility in Lubutntu simply shows the model as "Floppy Drive" and shows it at /dev/sd0 when no disk is inserted nor mounted.

I have gone into "Users and Groups" / "Advanced Settings" and ensured that "Use floppy drives" is checked.

If I type in "lsmod | grep -i floppy" in Terminal, I get back "floppy 61440 0"

If I insert a known good floppy disk (FAT format from Windows XP) and try to open it in File Manger PCManFM, the drive engages for a few clicks and the light comes on, but then it stays on and never opens anything, and I can't shut down normally after that, as the system hangs after clicking on "shutdown" and I have to hold in the power button to get it to turn off.

Same result if I type "sudo mformat -f 1440 A:" in Terminal.

I should add that I have also had issues in the past with USB stick drives that are formatted in Windows XP that won't open in Lubuntu, but ones formatted on my work computer (Windows 10) seem to do okay in Lubuntu.

Thoughts on things to try? More info that I need to post here?

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    They are still making floppy disks? – user589808 Apr 1 '17 at 10:06

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