I have a ASUS ux330ua and the problem is that the fn shortcut for the volume works but the other shortcuts don't. Can somebody help me with this?


Screen Brightness Keys

I have the same problem on a UX305FA, and here's what I did to address it. Rather than pulling my hair out over the issue,

  • I installed xbacklight, a command line program for changing screen brightness

    sudo apt install xbacklight 
  • Then I set custom keyboard shortcuts that run xbacklight to increase/decrease the brightness. I couldn't get Fn+F5/F6 to work as a binding, so I use win.png +F5/F6 instead.

I don't remember the exact commands I used with xbacklight, but the man page should have enough to get you going.

As for the other keys, I didn't attempt to get any of them working, but you might be able to work out something similar with those as well.

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