I had a dual boot running on my laptop... I was running windows alongside ubuntu but as for now I don't require windows because most of my space was occupied by windows so i removed it via Gparted..i dont know why but I cant extend my ubuntu partition. I've given it 40gb before and as I deleted the windows os now and trying to extend ubuntu partition but wont let me do that. Please let me know how can I sort this out.

I've attached my partition image below.

Ubuntu partitions


You'll need to boot to a Ubuntu Live DVD/USB, or gparted Live CD, to manage your partitions. Once there, you'll want to...

Before you start, backup your important data as these operations could corrupt or loose data!

  • right-click on sda7 and choose move/resize
  • position the mouse pointer into the center of sda7 and move sda7 all the way left
  • position the mouse pointer on the right-edge of sda7 and resize the partition to the right for as large as you wish sda7 to become
  • close the move/resize window
  • click the Apply icon
  • if sda7 will NOT occupy all of the unallocated space, you'll need to also move sda8
    • right-click on sda8 and choose swapoff
    • right-click on sda8 and choose move/resize
    • move sda8 all the way left
    • close the move/resize window
    • click the Apply icon
    • right-click on sda8 and choose swapon

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