Numeric pad stops working after turning on keyboard backlight with 'xset led on'... I have also 'tried xset led 3' with the same result.I'm using 16.04 and a Cooler Master Devastator II keyboard.

Any ideas on how to fix this?


Had the same problem with my Cooler Master Storm. I had xset led 3 set in ~/.bashrc to turn on the LED's on my keyboard, but also had the non-working Numpad situation.

Although xset -led is supposed to turn off all LEDs, I found xset -led actually returned Numlock use without actually turning "off" the LED's.

This may not be a 'fix' as much as a workaround; and it must be said that my 16.04 is currently running in VMBox, so this may alter the behaviour as opposed to a bare-metal installation.

May want to have a look at the xset qoutput: Might give some insight into what is and isn't set.


Well at least now I have my numeric pad working... I went to Universal Access and turned off the Mouse Cursor movement.

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