I'm using OpenVPN and I'm asking this question because whenever I'm connected over the VPN I try to do a simple: traceroute google.com and it doesn't bounce on the OpenVPN server. It just goes through the same route that it does without the VPN.

I tried to route http traffic through the VPN

push "redirect-gateway def1"

push "dhcp-option DNS"

and it worked. My question here is to avoid using this method every time I create a new key to a client to make sure he is connected through the VPN.

I read that you can do a simple ifconfig -a. If the you have some sort of tunnel interface you are connected but how can you be sure that your traffic is going through the VPN?


I'm the client of an OpenVPN. Is there anyway I can check if I'm connected through the VPN over command line? Something like traceroute.


I have been googling much more than I care to admit about this matter. Here is the problems:

  • A VPN is a direct "tunnel" to your VPNServer. If you are trying to use a traceroute it will not bounce on the server because it's a tunnel. It doesn't have to bounce at the "end of the tunnel".
  • traceroute is a layer 3 utility and VPN is a layer 2 protocol. As far as I read there isnt any utility that operates on level 2 layer.

The only way you can see if you are connected through the VPN is doing a tcpdumpon the server and see if you have any traffic going through the server or the usual ifconfig -aand checks if there is any tun0as an interface.

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