I have been suffering for all the night trying to get a live Windows USB for installing it in a double boot along my Kubuntu, however, it's just pointless waste of time as I have achieved nothing. I just plugged my USB(which had live Kubuntu on it) and opened MultiSystem to replace it with live Windows. The USB didn't show up. Than I tried formating USB. After a few years of research I found that I should mount my USB at /media/MULTISYSTEM. I did so. Than it shown up, but a foregin language error popped up(Erreur: MultiSystem n'accepte pas les espaces dans les label de disques.). What should I do now?


Google translate says it's french for "Error: MultiSystem does not accept spaces in disk labels".

So reformat again with a different name without spaces.


If someone gets [ERROR: Disconnect/reconnect your USB drive as the mount point does not match the label!]*

Not for everyones resolve, but for my Ubuntu-14.04.5 - I had to remove a USB-mount application. Mine in particular was usbmount(0.022) from the 'Ubuntu Software Center.'
Then the next step is to check /etc/fstab for anything like:

/dev/disk/by-uuid/A524-1B97 /mnt/A524-1B97 auto nosuid,nodev,nofail,x-gvfs-show,x-gvfs-name=MULTISYSTEM 0 0

A524-1B97 was my USB stick

Remark it [#] out or better just cut it! as you don't need it anyway unless it is a permanent USB placement!
I believe what was going on was the USB helper program was modifying the "fstab" file?

The final step is two parts:
The first part is to cerate a folder/directory with permissions 755 rwxr-xr-x called 'MULTISYSTEM' (without quotes and all caps) in your /mediain folder/directory.

Suggested was it's properties to: owner - root, group - root, However I skipped/forgot this and mine was set to 'James' and seem to work anyway perhaps as I have 'admin' rights?

The last part was to also make sure the USB stick was Labeled 'MULTISYSTEM'(without quotes and all caps) also, so there is a match or you will get an error from the Mustisystem application. I had to open Gparted or Disks and unmont to relabel the USB stick

*Source 'Comments' from Martina Neumayer • 2 years ago - Linux Magazine

One final note: it is best to format your USB in windows as FAT32 as gParted seems to confuse ownership and FAT32 should not have anything like that!!!
If you don't have windows you can run Mini-windows found on "Hiren's Boot-CD" or other places.

Hope this Helps someone! James Niland

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