I need to enable the office server also as a print server, with the printer connected via usb, but I'm having the exact same problem described in here.

CUPS is running, it's listening on port 631, it's enabled to be accessed from anywhere in the local network, and if I do curl localhost:631 (or curl, the server's IP) it returns the web page to the console. Also, if I do telnet localhost 631 (or telnet 631) from the server's console it tries to connect (connection is NOT refused, so the port IS open).

I'm trying to connect from a Windows machine, and I'm using a tool called tcping.exe to check whether port 631 is open. It seems that this port is not accessible.

Please help, I'm running out of ideas :S


I installed the printer on another machine (not the server) and it's working fine, so maybe it's a conflict with another service in the server. The server is running Apache2, MySQL, iRedMail mail server... I don't remember what else.

  • This seems to be a windows specific question - maybe running firewall on your client? – ridgy Mar 24 '17 at 19:53
  • No, it's server related :S. I've edited the question to clarify it. – Christian Rodriguez Mar 25 '17 at 17:10

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