I have problem with Cisco Packet Tracer.I have v. 6.3. I would like to know how fix it. When I use command /usr/local/PacketTracer6/packettracer to run PT I see only Starting Packet Tracer 6.3. Help me. I need this program for study.I install lib32z1 lib32ncurses5 lib32bz2-1.0 but again nothing.

If anyone knows how to fix this problem please guide. Thank you in advance. :D

  • Did you also install Java and perform all the setup instructions as posted here? If so, then you should not be using the command you are using, only sudo packettracer to start it. – Delorean Mar 23 '17 at 18:33

If properly installed, simply start Packet Tracer in terminal with the command

sudo packettracer

Ensure you use the sudo command.

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