The title says it all and yes I know there are many questions similar, but the closest I could find was removing " and not '. What I've tried so far is:

find -name "*'*" -type f | rename 's/\'//g'

or rename 's/[']//g' and some other variations. I find all the files, but when I'm piping it to rename, I'm just getting >for prompt and have to Ctrl+C to return. I've recently changed a lot of files with this, and it has worked like a charm on any special character, except the single quotes.


You can use double quotes:

rename -n "s/'//g"

remove -n after testing to rename the files for real

Use -exec though...

find -name "*'*" -type f -exec rename -n "s/'//g" '{}' \;

If the list is not too long, make it faster...

find -name "*'*" -type f -exec rename -n "s/'//g" '{}' +
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