I decided to switch to Ubuntu from mac os and it mostly works fine, but one problem appeared:

When I press 'Suspend' or close the lid of my macbook, the screen turns black (like it should) and after around 3-5 seconds the screen turns on again with the login screen.

I'm sorry if anyone already asked this question, but I didn't find a similar problem with a google search.

Edit: Model Number is A 1502 EMC 2835

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    as root run: dmidecode |grep -i macbook so we have more details about your specific hardware – tomodachi Mar 29 '17 at 17:47
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    @Arronical Please don't change the title when you haven't read my question yet. Everything was correct. link – Jeb Mar 31 '17 at 17:39
  • @tomodachi Here it is: Product Name: MacBookPro12,1 Family: MacBook Pro Version: MacBookPro12,1 – Jeb Mar 31 '17 at 17:45
  • Sorry @Jeb, looks like I was a bit hasty there! – Arronical Apr 1 '17 at 21:00
  • @Arronical In the end everything worked out, so no problem! – Jeb Apr 2 '17 at 22:27

You are effected by this bug which appears to effect kernels 4.2 - 4.4 I suggest that you subscribe to the bug so that you can be notified of progress and the developers have a better idea of the impact it's having. As touched on by this answer by user 1783630 According to the author of the bug a functional workaround is to Disable XHC1 prior to sleeping by issuing the command

echo XHC1 > /proc/acpi/wakeup

However, the current content of /proc/acpi/wakeup in my 16.04 system is a bit more complex than that consisting of 4 columns of info covering Device, S-state, status, and sysfs node so I'm not convinced this is the way to go with Ubuntu. The bug has already been confirmed and triaged so hopefully this will be resolved with a newer kernel.

Edit: This related question also has some good answers that you may be able to modify to fit your circumstances



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    Thanks you very much! You initial solution didn't work, because i needed to disable something else. The link you provided me helped. – Jeb Mar 31 '17 at 22:04
  • @Jeb I'm glad you got it sorted! – Elder Geek Mar 31 '17 at 22:15

From the Arch Wiki entry for your model:

It may be necessary to disable USB's wakeup ability by by echoing 'XHC1' to '/proc/acpi/wakeup' in order to prevent immediate wakeup on suspend.

Once you tried it, you can put the line into your /etc/rc.local file in order for it to be executed on every boot.

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