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I don't know how to extend partition sda6 (ext4) with the unallocated space 265.54 gib

enter image description here

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In your case, sda5, sda6, and sda7 are all within an extended partition; sda3.

You need to extend sda3 to the right to take up all the space first. In order to do this, you need to first boot off of a LiveUSB or DVD so that your partitions are not mounted.

See here on how to make a Live USB.

Next, open gparted. If not installed, install it with sudo apt-get install gparted.

Extend your sda3 partition all the way to the left to take up the available space. Note that it may be called sdb3 or some other letter, so just ensure it's the right drive.

Your partitions 5-7 inside the extended partition will not move.

At this point, you can move sda5 to the beginning of the drive (this will take time). You will then have unallocated space to the right of sda5.

NOW you can extend your ext4 partition, sda6 to take up the remaining space.

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